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Cross-site Ajax, exchanging data between websites with Anaa

The XMLHttpRequest object allows modern browsers including Internet Explorer 10, to exchange data between different areas. For other browsers, you can use an alternative ...

The Cross-site extension to the Anaa framework allows to exchange data between two websites in a secure way. The extension is made of these files:

On the first site:

On the second site:

When you want only to get data from the second site, you need only for anaa-cross-get.php and the JavaScript files.
The script anaa-cross-site-call.php sends data to the second site, where the script anaa-cross-site-reply.php processes them and returns a result that is retrieved by the calling script.

Anaa-remote.txt is a text file used by the demo.

Download the extension: anaa-cross-site.zip

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