Chrome 4.0, a concurrent for Firefox

Chrome 4.0 is available in final version since January 25, 2010. Google claims 1500 new features in the browser.

Still faster

As shown by the benchmarks presented on the Google blog, each new version acts as a multiplier of velocity relative to the original version.

Chrome 4 is four times faster than the first version released in December 2008. and 42% fasterthant Chrome 3.
This goes beyond Moore's Law!

Synchronizing bookmarks

This feature allows you to resume your browser bookmarks on another computer directly. We can do it with Firefox by saving bookmarks into a file and then loading it on the browser on another computer.
But here it goes much further, since each bookmark added on a computer, will be replicated to the other computer.

Native Client

This technology allows to run native applications, in binary language, in the browser. This allows to create faster web applications by running the code locally, while remaining simple to install. Its real interest depend in the way software editors will use it.
We can now perform demonstrations on the browser.


The support is added to LocalStorage, Web SQL database, WebSocket for a bidirectionnal exchange of data.


They are automacally installed or uninstalled. Chrome now have essentials extension for Webmasters: its own JavaScript debugger (type: CTRL+ALT+J) and Firebug is available since February 2010.