Configuring Liver Writer for Drupal

Live Writer is a part of the Windows Live suite and allows you to edit locally posts of a blog or articles of a site powered by a CMS.

Using it requires that the CMS supports an API recognized by Live Writer and this is the case of Drupal.

  1. Go to Administer.
  2. Go to Blog API.
  3. Under "Enable for external blogging clients:" there are three check boxes: Book, Page, Story.
    Check what you want to make it accessible to Live Writer. The three usually.
  4. That's all for Drupal.

Then add a new blog to the list of Live Writer. This is the option "Manage Blog" in the "Blogs" menu.

  1. Enter the URL of the site, for example
  2. You are prompted for an API and a remote script. Choose moveable API.
    For the script, type:
    (Replace by the name of your site).
  3. For Live Writer, Book, Page and Story are different blogs. Choose Story if you do not have reason for another choice.
  4. Type the login and password of the administrator.
  5. Live Writer automatically connects to the host and ask you a name for the blog. Give the domain of the site.
  6. That's all for Live Writer.

You can now write posts from your desktop, you're connected to the Internet or not.
Some problems are remaining with Drupal: Live Writer can not download the theme (not important), et you can not view the post directly from Live Writer once publised.

If something does not work, do not hesitate to post a comment.