Drupal's Essential Modules

The best extensions for Drupal and those that we must install to have at least all the features of Wordpress.

Drupal is to CMS what IKEA is to furniture, and it can not be used comfortably without a phase of installation and configuration quite laborious.

Basic Functions

If Drupal includes features which require plugins for Wordpress: pagination, statistics, less to install, many others are only provided through additional modules.


It is the common interface to any WYSIWYG editor that you want to install to edit the articles more easily.
Wysiwyg once installed in the modules directory, downloads the online editor of your choice, place it in the directory of the Wysiwyg module.


Add image function to the editor.

Search 404

Can help the visitor who does not find a page by offering a search box on the 404 page displayed in case of error (file not found, see HTTP codes).


Creates a cloud of tags.


This module is needed for other extensions.


To upload images and make thumbnails.


Two extensions can be used whose goal is similar. Both add a menu bar that allows quick and easy access to all administration functions without going through default menus rather complicated and not very clear. They can be seen only by the site administrator (or according to configuration options).
Admin Menu and Simple menu can be installed together.

Admin Menu

More focus on the administration, access to all the configuration functionalities is direct.
The menus takes into account additional modules installed as Simple Menu does it too.

Simple Menu

More focused on content creation. Access to the creation of pages is direct.
I you want install only one of these two menu modules, then prefer Simple Menu.

Taxonomy Manager

Administering panel to categories and tags, allows mass edit.

SEO tools


For readable URLs, made of keywords rather than numbers.
You can configure Pathauto from a link under the editor.

XML Sitemap

Automatically generates the site map, can possibly integrate user profiles and other site data, in addition to articles.

Extending the site

Drupal may include several CMS into one.


To answer questions from users on the site.


The forum is already in Drupal as a comment manager. This module allows to provide a more traditional look and feel, closer to that of fluxBB or phpBB.


It is the development tool for extending Drupal. It allows you to add new types of content next to story, page and book.
The webmaster sets the fields required to the particular content.

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