The fluxBB CMS is a forum which is characterized by a lighweight code and a small number of SQL tables (17 against 30 for phpBB), thus is resources-saving.
It should be used to add a FAQ or a forum to a portal site rather than to power a site devoted primarily to be a forum.

PunBB was created by Rickard Andersson, the first stable version appears on 7 August 2003. In 2007 the rights to the software have been sold to Informer.com who wanted to sponsor the project. But in 2008, the company transfers the project to a sub-domain of its website (punbb.informer.com) in the goal to promote his own business.
The author then become disinterested and project contributors have decided to launch a fork as fluxBB.
PunBB nevertheless continues its development using the code of fluxBB, but it was planned to separate developments of the two softwares in the future. However the PunBB latest version was released in 2012.

Using fluxBB

Adding fluxBB on a site requires serious measures against spam, because the protection features are limited to a list of IP banishment, which is ineffective against proxies. In fact we must modify the source code to prevent indexing of profiles, as well as hidden text such as titles of posts when they are not displayed. I must say that this CMS is not aware of the issues and SEO I do not recommend it other than as a starting tool to be developed for its own needs. I have converted it to static pages on my site and this has resulted in a big boost from search engines.

The software is distributed under the GNU GPL. Besides source code of a fairly sophisticated level, fluxBB has rather basic functions.

Plugins can extend these basic functions. Including adding a search box or an RSS feed and anti-spam functions.

Scripts and tutorials

Displaying last threads of a fluxBB forum on the home page of the site
The forum once installed in a subdirectory of the site, it lacks visibility. To raise awareness of the posts, you have tol use a script to automatically display the last ones, which can be done more easily by creating an RSS feed of the forum.
At this point we can view it using a software like the RSS Reader.

How to put a banner on top of a fluxBB forum
By default, the CMS has several themes which are actually sets of different colors on the basic theme of the site.
You can create your own theme by changing the style files in the style directory. A template system is planned for the version 2.0.

How to place advertisements in a fluxBB forum
We know that ads are not very profitable in forums. But if the traffic is huge, you may want to monetize it to compensate for the important work that requires moderating a forum.

Script to convert a fluxBB forum into static HTML pages
To integrate threads as comments if the site contains other pages beside the forum, or to archive the forum by getting rid of the database.

Mass-delete of members that are just spammers
Using an SQL command.

Script to delete spammers on fluxBB
An improved version built in a script;

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