Reviews of CMS

What users think of their content management system? It is important to know their opinion at time of the choice of a software, which commits you to the life of the site!

Where Wordpress is perfectible. (On this site)

The problem is the Wordpress default. The defaults are chosen to show all the work of developers (admittedly excellent), but not to make life easier for the webmaster. The choice of revisions is a good example. (Article on

Drupal sucks

This review clearly shows that Drupal is not for the end user, but a tool used by a professional webmaster who must adapt it to customer sites. There will always be this ambiguity with Drupal. But what does not suffer discussion is that this is not a program on which we can quietl rely to manage the site when focused on content. See also Wordpress vs. Drupal.

Why Joomla sucks

The article confirms the major defects of Joomla, as expressed in the presentation of Joomla on this site : This CMS is too rigid and suffers from a lack of documentation.

MODx: Simply the best CMS

It is rather a description from a partisan than a criticism, but it could helps to have an idea of the software. Note that MODx was presented previously as a framework, and now as a CMS, then aimed to the webmaster rather than the developer. (Update 06/2014: this site is now closed).