Scriptol Applications

Scriptol is used to program classical tasks, but also for more complex and innovative processing where its limpid syntax and its ability to process easily XML allows to cut down dramatically the development time.

Web development

A Scriptol compiler converts Scriptol code to PHP code that is the main standard for web programming, and that runs under virtually any platform. An Ajax framework is in development.
Examples of web scripts or tools for the web:

Buttons zip Create easily buttons.
F1 zip Builds web pages from Formula One championship results...
Outline link Create a manual with table of content from a pure text file.
SpiderSEO link Meta tag generator and report.
Counter zip Add a counter to your website. No CGI required.
Visitors zip Script to count visitors on each page of a site, easy to use.
Simple Map link XML or HTML sitemap generator, with graphical user interface.
Site Update link Update page of a website at one command.
May be used to insert headers in source files of a project.

FTP tools

FTP Synchronizer Tool for updating the content of your website.
Script checker Check the scripts and page on your website against malwares.

Text processing

The syntax of Scriptol is designed to process more easily texts and tables.
Examples of applications:

Dict Maker link Set of tools to build dictionaries from texts.
Search link Search and replace string of tokens in a text or source file.
PyToSol zip Unindent a source code for Scriptol style.

Applications with GUIs

Scriptol is universal and convenient for the desktop. The preferred standard for Graphical User Interface is XUL. XUL allows to design interfaces with just a text editor and of course some knowledge of the tags available to display widgets ;).
GTK++ is supported also as is any C++ library.
The Scriptol C++ compiler allows to create binary executable for Windows or Unix.

Teaching programming

The advantage of Scriptol here is, apart its limpid syntax that allows to learn it more easily, in its use of standard librairies, that of PHP and extensions, C++, and Java. The knowledge that is acquired when using Scriptol will be reusable if you need for professional causes to move to legacy programming languages.

Universal Configurator A graphical tool to configure PHP and any other software.

XML processing

XML is a data structure of the Scriptol programming language. You can declare a XML document, create instances and use methods in the same way as for classical classes and objects.

Speedy Make This tool replaces legacy makefiles by XML documents, and use Scriptol's XML feature to build software very easily!

A set of XML Scripts is also provided in the XML section.

Games and graphics: The scriptol archive includes some simple Open GL demos. Scriptol doesn't need for a special port of graphic libraries: just create a scriptol definition of the attributes and methods and include the library into your project.