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Cpedia est a search engine that replaces CUIL and returns a Wikipedia-like page rather than a list of results.

I have tried Scriptol on cpedia, and once corrected some bizarre sentences, here is the result:


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Scriptol is an object-oriented programming language with all the powerful features of modern languages.
It compiles to PHP from the high-level Scriptol programming language and is intended to program both scripts, applications, and web pages.
The interpreter and compilers provided on and are free even for building commercial programs and are currently available for Windows and Unix.


Compile a Scriptol source to PHP 4 or 5, or create a Web page.
If you are new in programming, the Scriptol Interpreter should be the program of choice for your first steps.
It allows programmers to concentrate on the problems, and ignore tools constraints including project management and portability issues.
A minimal Scriptol program is just one line, for example:

print "hello"


It is the first programming language to integrate XML as a data structure. (...) innovative features as XML declaration in source code. It is object-oriented and XML-oriented, and has methods for any object including integers, texts and lists.
Replaces legacy makefiles by XML documents.

Scriptol and PHP

Scriptol is a front-end, which allows to control errors at compile time. It produces embedded PHP source code in HTML or generates binary executables to make applications running both on the Web or locally.

There is also a section about the PHP FTP Synchronizer that is written in Scriptol, and this is relevant.


Once removed 50 % of the text that is irrelevant and lot of duplicated sentences, it is something that made sense but is far to be complete.

I have tried to refine a search with several keywords, but in this case the engine returns nothing. For now it seems only able to perform one-keyword processing. The information is mainly taken from Wikipedia.

I do not recommand to use this tool to make web pages due to the duplicated content.