Graphics for apps and Web design

Optimal building of a Web site and technologies developers and webmasters may use.

Comparison of image scaling tools
The simplest tool is the most unexpected: the browser, but there are also free software which offer amazing results with certain types of images.

How not to make a web application interface
Why programmers should not define an interface and let designers do it.

Designers and their creations

Photomontage with GIMP

Freehand painters.

Drawing and transformation tools
List of online or desktop tool to make graphics and web pages components.

Web design and advertisements

Evolution of Web site design over time
Sites of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Essential principles of Web design
The design contributes to the success of a website.

Quality of a website
Maslow's criteria and other element to make a good website.

Writing for the Web
How users read on the Web? This short article describes how to write your page to match the way Net surfers are used to read on the Web, according to a serious study.

An original menu on the home page
Menus may be both beautiful and practical. This is an application of design as conceived by Apple, with success.

What are the best font and size for a Web site?

Tool to select a font for his website.

Adsense Adsense tutorial - Ajax and Adsense - Thing to avoid - Adsense behaviors - Advertising FAQ

Resources and tools

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