Web Design statistics

The Web Direction site publishes the summary of results of several surveys on how webmasters make websites, and that reflects the state of the Web in 2008.

Actually the study makes a wider scope, giving statistics on the OS, browsers, but the public surveyed was not representative of the sum of Internet users, and these extra results have little interest.

Ajax and JavaScript

For what is used JavaScript or Ajax?

We can see that Net surfer would be wrong to disable JavaScript.
An option is missing in this survey: JavaScript can be used for statistical tools or contextual display ads too.

W3C Validation

How many webmaster have a strictly standard code ? Only 4% said they do not follow it and have a code that is not compatible with all browsers.
But beside that, the study of key data on the Web conducted by Opera shows that, conversely, only 4% of sites have a completely valid code according to the W3C standard.

Using a framework

Only 10% of webmasters do not use a JavaScript or Ajax library. For others, the framework used according to the polls is as follows:

We see that some webmasters use several frameworks at once. These figures are different from those given by older surveys.

Flash or Silverlight

How many webmasters incorporate media such as videos that require a plugin, and which one?

Note that users who downloaded the Flash Player would be about 95% according to Adobe, the percentages are probably higher for others too.

About the content using the plugin, it is as follows:

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