Getting started in creating a Website

Things you must know perfectly when you want make a serious website or create a blog and obtain backlinks and visitors.

What site to make?

Some original websites
Rather than adding another digg-like, try to create something totally new, these webmasters did it!

CMS vs JavaScript Framework
Should you use a CMS like Worpdress or create a static site with a JavaScript framework like Bootstrap? The trend is actually the return of static sites, and there is a reason ...

Case study: How to become rich with a site
The experience of a user between his first post on a forum for webmasters and the last post in which he explains how he did it to make money with a website and very little time spent on it.

Creating a blog

How to create my blog?
Creating a blog with Wordpress, on a community or on its own website.

Blog and blogosphere
History of blog and social influence.

How to make money with a blog.

How to make a success story with a blog
Example of a success story and outline of the analysis of its success.

Presentation of the content

Creating a website in 10 steps
From the start to the success, in some steps.

How to design the home page
Make your site attractive.

How to make the best web page
What to do and what to avoid.

How to create a good title for a web page.
Questions about the length, keywordw choice, and other aspects.

How Net surfers read web pages.

CSS tutorial, an overview
First steps in building Web pages.

Tools and resources

Domain Name
How to choose and register a domain name.

How to choose a Web host?
Criteria of hosting, new forms of hosting.

Free tools for a webmaster

Statistical tools for websites

List of advertising companies

FAQ of website creation

Glossary of the webmaster


Redirects on a website.

How to create this small image in the URL field or in bookmarks.

Invisible directive to search engine.

Risks of hacking for a website
Symptoms and solutions.