Blog and success story

The number of subscribers to the Techcrunch blog shows a blog created by a single author can become a success story.

TechCrunch was first opened in June 2005 by Michael Arrington. There were early from one to five posts per day. It has become a collaborative site with a dozen articles per day from different authors.
This is the second blog at Technorati ranking behind that of Arianna Huffington.

Here are the statistics of the evolution of the number of subscribers to the RSS feed of the blog:

Year and month RSS subscribers
June 2005 63
December 2005 10000
June 2006 65000
Late 2006 200 000
Late 2007 700 000
Late 2008 1 000 000

The conditions that prompted this blog to such a success were analyzed by an author on the website, here is an outline...

1. Originality

Arrington himself says he was inspired by the words of Dave Winner (who defined the RSS 2.O format):

"if you are going to build a new company, go to the trouble of actually researching what other companies have already done."

From the outset, the blog was defined in search for originality, and to do so, the personal blog of the author had been used to investigate what could already exist as similar sites.

2. Dual activity

It has a dual activity of blog and social network, which is reflected in particular by organizing online events where people are invited to participate.

3. Relations

His way of surfing the wave of Web 2.0 has been to create a community around this concept. It sought to have relations with the personalities of this trend and to do, to speak of them the most often in his articles.

4. Simplicity

Arrington understand nothing about technology, this has been said. But perhaps it is an art to give the impression that we addresses a technology as a novice, to better explain it to beginners! The contents of the blog is always clear, well explained. Long sections are interspersed with images. Incorporating images in posts adds to their interest.


The success of a blog depends on the originality and quality of its articles. Adding pictures is a plus. The development of a social network is a supplement that helps to promote the content providing it deserves to be. It is reflected in particularly by subscription to RSS feeds.
It is essential to publish several articles per day on current topics for alliance with another - invisible - partner: the search engine.

Update 2011

Techcrunch has beed sold to AOL for US$ 30 million.