How to create my blog?

You have just installed Wordpress or another blog software, or opened an account on a shared blog hosting. But before writing the first post, we must know how we read on the Web. Blogging has taking major importance in the Web space and can even make the author incomes enough to live.

People create a personal blog for communication, and also to participate in the Web, have a projection of self in this virtual space. This can be a means of communicating with relatives whose whereabouts are away, or more ambitious sharing knowledge, or promote a product. In any case, your goal should be clear from the start.

Using a community space, or creating his own website? In the first case you are totally exempt from any technical knowledge, simply go to the site of Wordpress, Blogspot, Overlblog, MySpace, and register.
It you choose a community space, you can use also Github, Google+, Facebook.
GitHub can be used with Jekyll, which automatically generates the presentation of the blog. is another blog hosting site. No ads added to your pages.

The other option is the creation of a site on which may be installed the Wordpress software. Freedom of design is greater thanks to the multitude of available templates, and you can even give the blog the appearance of a portal site with a paging plug-in. With this option you need a domain name and hosting with a MySQL database.
To write a post containing an elaborate layout , you must use a good HTML editor as Dreamweaver, or use Live Writer, which works locally but the software interfaces with Wordpress on the server.
See the selection of best HTML editors.

Whatever the hosting solution you choose, you have legal constraints, there are those of any public writing: respect of trademarks, compliance with the law. You can not defame a person, a business, an institution... And you can only use text, drawings or photographs with the permission of the authors. You have the right to integrate videos taken from Youtube or such sharing sites and the code is even provided for that purpose.