Extensions for using a mobile as the brain of a machine

Wide variety of materials can be connected to a mobile to expand its capacity, including a robot body.

This is a new trend, after the computers, equipped with different software, becoming different hardwares (word processing, calculator, game console, etc..), the mobile it goes beyond the virtual and become now the intelligent part of a variety of devices.

Controlling a robot with a mobile

Using a mobile to control a robot, is the specialty of Cellbots. This site provides software for controlling various devices that provide a "body" to a phone and expand its capabilities.

In fact, the mobile can now be part of a robot, it becomes its brain and its control center. The right picture is an example of a robot tank that can interact with the environment via a webcam and processing capabilities of the mobile.

Transformed into pinball

It is an accessory and a software. For 40 dollars, you have a miniature pinball, interfaced with the program and using the screen of the smartphone to show the track of the ball, with its flashing bumpers. (On BestBuy).

Fly a drone

As shown in this video, with Wi-Fi and a mobile phone, it is possible to control a flying machine, in this case a helicopter, getting images with a camera and combination with augmented reality, flying in a semi-artificial universe.
The French Parrot company offered this demo.

Medical aid

With a sensor connected to the mobile, it is possible, for example, to test his blood sugar.
An application available in 2011.

A $10 microscope

This invention has won three awards including that of the National Science Foundation, for a total of $510,000.

By connecting this mini microscope that costs almost nothing to a mobile phone, it is possible to have a mobile laboratory replacing very expensive apparatus!
The device placed on a drop of blood can send the image to a remote laboratory that will analyze it in real time.
This microscope has no lenses, the magnification is obtained by LEDs that cross the sample while the image is captured by the camera of the mobile. In fact we obtain a hologram can allows to reconstruct an image by computer processing, that can be automatic, the remote site returning a diagnosis from a compison with its database.
It can be used by anyone without special training.

See the website of UCLA and Lab on a chip.


The Runware company offers a software  which interfaces with a sensor, generally suited to a hip belt, to show more comfortably the heart rate. It comes with an accessory to recover the signal from the belt.
In addition to visibility, the mobile can compile statistics and make intelligent treatment by combining the heart rate  with geographical and field data.

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