Computer imitating the human brain

A major difference between the computer and the human brain is that the former make a difference between processing and storage of data, things that are indistinct in the human brain.

IBM tries to simulate the human brain by a computer. The interest would be to give it a capacity for abstraction, synthesis, an overview that can recognize things when it is rather difficult to make a computer: it takes a specialized algorithm for each type of treatment.

IBM researchers believe that a new form of artificial intelligence is necessary in today's world that is overwhelmed by a mass of information passing over networks.
You must be able to sort, extracting the essential, distinguishing what is important and what is not.

The work done by IBM and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has resulted in a functional simulation of a simple brain similar to that of a cat.
It has also constructed an algorithm to map a human brain and should help build a computer near the human brain.

It is at a stage where the focus is to better understand how it works.

Then we can build what will be the brains of future androids ...

The neural processor

Now, IBM is able to create a processor that functions as the human brain. With the help of four universities and DARPA it has developed a chip that can be marketed soon.

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