Pump attendant robot

It's like says the website of its inventor and manufacturer, Nico Van Staveren, the first robot capable of supplying fuel in your tank...

The customer must have a RFID sticker containing information about his vehicle. The robot needs them to choose the type of fuel and to properly aim the robot arm.

In the station , a screen shows the driver exactly where he should stop. Then the robot takes care of everything. He opens the tank, fills it with the correct quantity, closes it...

This robot is also very safe when it detects motion in the vicinity, like a child who is approaching, it immediately stops and retracts his arm.

The first Tankpitstop was installed in the Netherlands, to Emmerloord last year and since that time, it provides daily gasoline to motorists.

Strangey, Staveren had the idea to build his own robot while watching a video about robots farmers who milk cows automatically, and this with technologies that have long existed.

This robot has the advantage that an attendant can operate day and night, and possibly in difficult working conditions. Good news for motorists. It could also help the development of electric vehicles with an equivalent engine to change the batteries.

How to buy a pump attendant robot ...

Tank Pitstop, the manufacturer's website

The robot attendant costs US $ 90 000. According to the inventor who owns a gas station the robot has increased productivity by 20% per hour per pump.