The Rovio robot monitors your home


It is a small robot for remote monitoring, currently marketed for 300 US $.

With three wheels and a steerable camera also adjustable, it is controlled via Internet through a wireless connection.
It is not required to remotely control it like a car, even if this is possible because it can thank to its software receive global commands, like going for itself in a given location.
A speaker and microphone allow the operator to communicate with a person or an animal in the place at distance, and collect any suspicious noise.
From the command interface, it can make a snapshot of the scene viewed by the camera.

A single command is enough to send it to the dock to recharge its battery.

The Internet command panel can use any type of computer, including a smartphone and any type of operating system.

Remote control of the robot

The control panel is centered around a radar surrounded by blue chips representing directions and a view of the scene. The mouse controls the movement on the radar that displays the potential barriers in the form of black spots. An infra-red sensor and a pressure sensor True Track detect obstacles.

Note that the price of 300 $ could be increased by optional accessories like the dock charging.

Video of Rovio.

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