Robot waiter in restaurant

A robot that serves meals, is what is lacking in canteens and nursing homes.

A student at the University of WSAD prepares a salad while at his side a robot is cooking toasts, as you can see in the picture below.

This robot is the size of a human and has sufficient strength to support a person, but with the delicacy and precision needed to handle fragile objects such as a straw.

Professor Shigeki Sugano think this robot will be on sale in 2015 and he may well play a useful role in the community. To the first to meet it issues will arise surely seeing his head in shape of a question mark!

Twenty-One, robot server

Twenty-One, the robot waiter

Yumbo will invade restaurants

Yumbo will invade restaurants

In Thailand, the robot waiter seems a specialty. The new model Yumbo is already ordered by a chain of restaurants.

Can this be generalized? I guess the restaurant customers, if they are in no hurry and concerned as is the case in restaurants for corporate employees, would like a little humanity when going to the restaurant ... But one can envisage a sharing of tasks between robots for simple and necessary things like transportation and cleaning, and humans for customer relations.

In-home service can also use the metal bipeds or better yet, flying objects topped with provision in the cargo bay. This is already a reality, the site tacocopter offers delivering tacos by unmanned mini-helicopter ... You can order from any smartphone. Soon the pizza ... This kind of service is really possible only in a small town, because of the risk to passersby of that aviation activity.

A more original solution again by a London restaurant is to serve clients by drones, see the video. They are of course remotely driven. It really sounds interesting if the deck is far from the kitchen!