Wall-climbing robot from SRI

A robot capable of moving on walls and other vertical surfaces was presented by SRI May 23, 2008 at the Robotics Conference of the IEEE in California. The electroadhesive robot is like a lizard.

Multiple applications, are possible with this bioloid with electro-static spikes to grip. In the military and police, surveillance, intervention.
And in the civil construction and maintenance, including painting, cleaning of surfaces. Inspection of buildings, bridges and other structures.

It's an electro-static effect that produce accession of two surfaces with electric field. Two electrodes of different polarity generate an attraction. A soft surface holds these electrodes that switch almost instantly to allow movement.

The robot reaches the speed of one kilometer per hour and can climb a stage in 9 seconds.
The SRI robot can move on vertical surfaces of very different texture:

Surfaces can be smooth or rough and even dusty.

All kinds of robots can take advantage of this mode of travel, tiny or bigger.
There are plans in the future development of this technology to equip people who could move to the surface of buildings ...