Visitors 1.1

This script lets you know which pages are read on your site, and how many visitors for each page. The last version allows to select a year and a month.
Note that since this script has been published, new solutions have been made available on the Web, as for exemple Google Analytics that requires only some JavaScript code in each page (this tool uses PHP code) and provides detailed reports.
Whatever system you choose to use, you can make use of the Site Update script to copy the code into all pages of the website.

Programs required

How to use it...

1 - Modify your pages

In each page you want to know the number of visitors, include this code:
 update("demo.dat");              // put here the real name of the data count file

2 - Modify count.sol

Change also the variable "maincounter" and the array "counters" inside the count.sol file, and put the list of counters files into it, for example:
    text maincounter = "index.dat"
    array counters = ("index.dat", "demo.dat")

3 - Compile

Type: solp -wb stats
The count.sol source will be compiled also, as it is included in stats.sol.
See options at command line by typing "sol" without argument.

4 - Upload

Once the scriptol files are modified and compiled, upload the count.php and stats.php files, your pages, the counters.

Viewing the stats

The data are displayed automatically by the stats.php page.
The current month is displayed by default. Further you will be able to select a month and click on the submit button to display it.

Any problem may be exposed to:

Full scriptol and PHP sources are included.