Should we make a sitemap?

My site has no site map and I wonder if I should add one to improve its ranking in search engines?

The sitemap is a standard XML or HTML file containing a list of all the pages in the form of URLs, to search engine in the first case, to visitors in the second.

The sitemap can be generated automatically by a CMS or with a script as simple map on a static site.

But is this map of site really useful for SEO?

  1. The main interest of the sitemap is to facilitate the work of the Google search engine.
  2. Dynamic link is ignored by robots of search engines. The XML or HTML sitemap create a static link for it.
  3. A sitemap has no effect on the Google's PageRank. It is used for indexing only.
  4. If all properties of items in the sitemap are identical (priority, frequency, last modified) an XML sitemap has few interest. In addition, Google, as it said, does not necessarily take in account the values you give.
  5. The XML sitemap can now be used by all the major search engines.
  6. It will be necessary to rebuild the sitemap whenever the site's content is changed. But it should be registered only once.
  7. Google not always take into account the sitemap for indexing your pages, it said.
  8. Once registered the sitemap, it is possible to obtain statistics and analysis of the site by Google, with errors encountered.
  9. The address of the XML sitemap can be placed in the robots.txt file.
  10. There is a special sitemap format for indexing video.
  11. In conclusion, build an XML sitemap if your site is poorly indexed or indexing not quickly updated, or if you want to have statistical information.