The keyword strategy

Search engines are living in a world of keywords. Depending on whether you are webmaster only to put online your writings, or a very involved webmaster, the management of keywords will go from just a drafting choice to a more sophisticated SEO strategy ...
A webmaster may increase the presence of its site by selecting articles based on supply and demand in a keyword or group of keywords to occupy vacant niches and be sure to get better positions in search engine results.

A world of keywords

An author who is concerned about the visibility of his writings on the web will verify that all the keywords, all the synonyms that could relate to an article, actually appear in the text, so that search engines take it into account.

You must first know that keywords are not everything, what matters above all is the content.

  1. Our pages, and especially the home page, must have text, with four or five paragraphs at least.
  2. The content of your site must be unique. Google detects similar texts and "penalizes" duplicate content.
  3. Your site must have a specific topic. This helps engines to find the answer to a query.
  4. A content that changes frequently with new articles or updates, causes more frequent visits from robots and a better rank thank to FreshRank.
  5. Freshness. For a hot topic, news pages covering a topic will be better ranked for this topic.

Keywords found in the text determine the choice of the page in response to a query.

  1. Try to think of all the keywords that are relevant to the subject of the article. They must appear in the text.
  2. Search engines do not yet recognize synonyms, metaphors. Think to all the synonyms to keywords you are ranking, and use them in the text.
  3. However keywords should always be integrated into phrases readable by visitors, this should never be lists, even in the title and meta description (you can omit the meta keywords).
  4. Keywords must also be placed in filenames. These must be summaries of the articles.
  5. Do not repeat ostensibly a keyword in the page, it must be readable by Net surfers.
  6. Do not hide text, for example with a white color on a white background, you may be silently penalized: your site will disappear from results.

All words are not equal

  1. The words placed at the beginning of the article have more weight for the same reason.
  2. They also must appear in the <title> tag and in the titles and subtitles <h1>, <h2>, etc.
  3. The emphasis. Besides headings, <b> or <strong> tags give more importance to words and robots use that.
  4. They can index images with an alt attribute in the img tag.

Keywords are sometimes more important out of the content of the article!

  1. Put keywords in the file name - but on the file of the home page which is usually named index or home. We can possibly change the name of the home page if its rank is very important for you, with a command in .htaccess.
  2. For internal links, put the keywords in the anchor, in other words in the text placed between <a> and </a>.
  3. Premiums. The TLD (Top-Level Domain) provides a premium. Especially for foreign website, the extension in the language of the site gives a premium, and also the hosting in a country with the language of the site.

The criteria of Google for the score of pages will help you to better understand the ranking.

Tools for keywords

Some tools for webmasters related to the search of keywords.

Google Suggest

This tool is integrated into the input field of the search engine. When you enter the terms of a query, Google shows a drop-down list with several groups of words. These are the most frequent queries on the Web. And it is also an information for the webmaster: this is what interests people, what you should to write about...

Google Trends

Relying on the volume of queries on the search engine, Google can know the evolution of demands for a keyword. And knowing that sites tend to increase with delay in a topic when it becomes popular, we can guess that it will be easier to emerge in a new trend!
For example Gears is on the rise while Ajax tends to decline (in searches). But there are a hundred times more sites devoted to Ajax than to Gears.
Trend shows the regions where searches are the most common, which may also have a great interest.

Adword External

A few complementary to previous sites, and similar in function to Suggest, the service gives you ideas for groups of keywords from a topic or a starting word.
As the tool is designed for advertisers of Adsense ads, the results matches what users are looking for.

Webmaster Tools

The webmaster tools from Google contain a statistical part which has two essential lists of both individual and combined interests.
The first shows the results pages in which your site appeared and its ranking. The second column shows the percentage of queries that led to view a page on your site. You know so what is viewed on your site or ignored.
When a line on the left is not in the right column too, the link to your site was not clicked : perhaps the title or description are not incentives enough?


Wikidpad is a text editor working such as the Web in hypertext mode and is designed around keywords. A page is created automatically from a word in the text, and the hierarchy of groups of keywords displayed as a semantic tree.
You can take a group of keywords provided by Google Suggest and create a page for each suggestion, which will be then translated into an article on your site ...

See also the List of tools and services for webmaster.


It is said by Google, make a website for Internet users, not for search engines! But for search engines, only matter the text and the criteria that make your page deserves to be well ranked in results.
It is the choice of the webmaster to build a site around the article he want to write, or rather write articles that will most likely increase traffic to the site.
But whatever the strategy and level of involvement, it should be noted that keywords must be in the text and in natural phrases, syntactically well formed. Inserting a raw list of keywords may adversely affect the ranking in the SERPS. More even if it is not visible to the user.