Utilities for the desktop and the Web

Most desktop software now have one or more free equivalents to commercial software, running on both Windows and Linux, and Macintosh often.
These softwares are now sufficiently advanced to create Web pages or powering databases.
Here are the best free utilities including word processors and databases managers.

LibreOffice and the Web

LibreOffice is an office suite but also a tool for the Web since it includes a basic HTML editor, in addition to word processing, spreadsheet, database manager, and drawing software. It runs under Windows and Unix.

For webmaster, word processing is a handy tool when you put online documents, enhanced with images or not.
Unlike other word processing software, LibreOffice generates web pages of very compact size, pretty close to what produces a specialized software.

You can either use the ODP (OpenDocument) format, directly or HTML. This format is more limited, and this is due to the limitations of HTML itself.
Hyperlink management is taken into account, which allows to build a complete site, the pages are linked to each other and accessible in Edit mode. Moreover, the appearance is made in the presentation format CSS and style sheets are included in the text itself.

Difficulties arise when one wants to import an HTML document produced by another software. Incompatibility is often discovered between the formats of presentation then it is better in this re-use these documents as they are and continue editing with the original publisher.

Since version 4.1 you got a side panel that integrates the navigator and other tools so far in separate windows. You must manually configure the software to display it. Go to Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Enable sidebar ...

LibreOffice can create a PDF file that will be very close of the rendering of the document or web page. It is compatible with Word and other Microsoft software and can recover files produced by these software. However, it would be better to save the Word files to RTF before retrieving as LibreOffice.

The suite integrates, in addition to the spreadsheet and vector drawing tool, a database interface. It can connect to MySQL with an extension.

WebODF is a simplified online version of LibreOffice, written in JavaScript, to edit ODF files in the browser, either locally or on the Web. This allows collaborative work.
However the AGPL license limits commercial use under certain conditions.

Other desktop software for Windows and Linux

Word processing software for free. If you want to write texts without installing a full office suite. Less complete than Open Writer mentioned above, loads faster.
Version 2.1.1 (in theory but I never found the command for this) adds an "outline" function, something that is missing in LibreOffice and OpenOffice: the ability to display only the headings in a page and to expand sections at choice. Yet it is something that dates the beginnings of personal computing and there are a lot of special tools for this called "outliners".
The software persists when launched to fill the width of the screen, which is annoying when you have like me an extra-large monitor in 21:9 format. In addition, trying to load a LibreOffice document usually results in a crash, so the software is clearly not finished, even in final version.

Free Mind
Editor of mental map. Describe a concept in associations, detailing a story visually on a graph.

Google Docs
Online word processor. It recognizes the file formats from Microsoft, PDF. The fact that it allows online collaborative may be an advantage.

Quick Office for Android and iOS
An office suite that can read Words documents and therefore an alternative to Microsoft Office365. If you are not afraid to have your documents in the cloud .. It's free, all you need is a Google account.

Common applications on texts

Business and database software for Windows or Linux

SQL databases are on the Web most often used in invisible ways by content managers like Wordpress. If you have to choose a database, look at PostgreSQL vs Oracle for a comparison.

Some online services for pratical life