Dailymotion, for pros and amateurs, vs. Youtube

Dailymotion is the second largest video sharing site in terms of audience after Youtube and this is one of the most visited in the world. It became the property of Orange between 2011 and 2013.
It has become over time a social network and also an tool for promoting creative content with many dedicated services (Exchange, Factory, etc..).

Race Driver Grid - Example of HD video

It offers videos encoded in different formats, the free Ogg, H.264, VP8, MP3 for audio.
The player that is installed on the site can be in Flash or HTML 5 with the <video> tag , or SVG.

Dailymotion offers since 2008 a high definition video player for blogs and websites. A section is dedicated specifically to high definition.
The resolution of HD videos is 1280 x 720 pixels (720p) and goes well beyond the 320 × 240 pixel video views on common sharing sites. This format is also that of the television, known as HD-Ready.

Media companies and organizations wich often put videos on the site may become Official User and have access to more features and more opportunities. It is a vehicle for the work of professionals as well as for individuals.

Difference between Dailymotion and Youtube

While Youtube uses the Python language, Dailymotion is based on the Symfony PHP framework which is also the product of a French company. This framework is also used by Delicious and Yahoo! Bookmarks and that would have facilitated a link with Yahoo! if the U.S. firm had been able to acquire Dailymotion as it wanted.
Dailymotion also uses Adobe AIR to put multiple videos online at once.

Sites that publish videos can share revenues through the DPN, Dailymotion Publisher Network. Youtube revenues are shared between the site and the authors of videos.

Generally the display has less buffering than Youtube. Their geographical implementation is also different, the former being more European and the second more American.

The contents differs too:

Dailymotion content vs Youtube, charts

Comparing Dailymotion's content vs. Youtube (Source Hadopi)



News and comments

Yahoo! disclaims Dailymotion purchase

30-04-2013 18:20:06

The Web

Discussions were well advanced for the acquisition of 75% stake in Dailymotion, valued at $ 300 million. But at a meeting with officials of the two companies, the minister of industry vetoed. Marissa Meyers, the CEO of Yahoo! however made the promise to invest in the south of France after the acquisition, including the creation of a research center. But nobody could learn to a politician the value of promises!
When we remember GeoCities, purchased by Yahoo! for a whopping, and abandoned over time, as Flicker who left all the innovations to its competitors, Delicious sold after experiencing the same fate, as well as other acquisitions of Yahoo!, it is perhaps good that the sale did not take place.
The two sides will have to turn elsewhere, Yahoo! to another video site, and Dailymotion video to other investors.