List of content farms

What content farms were affected by the modification of the algorithm?

In bold, sites whose traffic fell after the modification of the algorithm on 24 February 2011. This according to statistics institutes such as Citrix. What is verified on Alexa is indicated in red.
The Blekko search engine blocks all content farms including eHow and experts-exchange.

The percentage of Google's downstream is given by Hitwise in April.

Collateral damages

Some sites with original content, not link farms have been hit hard by the changes of the algorithm ...
Perhaps because many sites copy their contents! It was the case of whose traffic was back one week latter.
Google continues to conduct tests to improve the targeting of its filter link farms.

A thread has been open in Google Webmaster Central full of complaints about the change.

Panda update World in English

The change in the algorithm for the World, ie other than sites, but for queries in English, affected a hundred of big sites including Wikio and Ciao.
Ciao is a property of Microsoft and it sued Google previously to the EU. Things do not go better for them.
The update benefits to other sites including Mozilla, Wordpress, Dailymotion, etc.

A list here.

The new extension blocklist of Chrome that will block sites in the results of the search engine Google should help reduce this list.