Cryonie theme: Changing graphics

How to use his own pictures, and how were created the default images provided with the theme for Wordpress.
All graphical elements can be made with The GIMP.

The header

Besides the logo, it has three elements: the background for the header, the background for the navigation bar, and the background image for the logo.

The navigation bar

A simple gradient is used to obtain the background. The height is 20 pixels and the width is 1 pixel.
With the colors of foreground and background black and white, use the gradient tool.

The background of the header.

The height is 76 pixels and the width is 1 pixel. We proceed as for the background of the navigation bar.

The background image.

We will implement the tutorial to merge images with fade effect.

I used an image of 482 pixels wide and 76 pixels high like this one:

To integrate it into the background, we will create a fade effect...

  1. Load the background image of the header, of 76x1 pixels.
  2. Select all. Copy to have it in the clipboard.
    It will become available as a pattern.
  3. Creates a new image of 482x76 pixels. Activates the "advanced" option to select the type of filling.
  4. Fill it with a pattern. Uses the first one, that is the image in the clipboard.
    You now has an image that is similar to the background of the header:
  5. On the landscape image, produces a gradient tranparent at right as shown in the tutorial mentioned above.
  6. Now do a cut and past of this shaded image on the background above. We obtain the following picture:
  7. Save as wisland.jpg or choose another name and change the #logoback rule in the style.php file.

The logo

Open File->Create->Logo to access a selection of scripts for making logos.

Choose a format and size fitted to be inserted in the header: 450x64 pixels or less.

Save as PNG or GIF with transparent background option, under the name losgo.gif or logo.png and if required change the #logo rule in style.php.

Put them online

Graphic files are at the root of the theme.

The theme