Theme for Wordpress: Graphics

Most of the graphics in the Cryonie theme is in the header of the pages. It has the following structure:

<div id="header"> 
      <div id="logoback"> </ div> 
      <div id="logo"> </ div> 
      <div id="navbar"> 
          <span id="navcat"> </ span> 
          <span id="navpage"> </ span> 
      </ div> 
 </ div>

The header tag includes the header of the entire site. It is given it in the background a gradient of gray. This one has the height of the header minus the height of the navigation bar, that has its own background.

Logoback and logo tags are superimposed by the stylesheet.

The logoback tag contains the background image of the logo, with a fading effect of opaque to transparent, made with The Gimp, and so it gradually merges with the background of the header.

The logo is superimposed over the background image through the z-index attribute at level 3, which is above that of the background image that is level 2 (and the background of the header level 1).

The navigation bar also uses a gradient of gray and white that is achieved very easily with the Gradient tool of The Gimp.

The disadvantage of this choice is that the graphic images of logo and its background should be in the format of GIF or PNG to have transparency, and have a larger size than JPG files.

You can obviously change the theme to use a different graphic choice.

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