What is new in Wordress 2.7?

The version 2.7 of Wordpress is a major release. It responds to criticism from bloggers on the interface and accordingly radically alter the design, as you can see on the screenshot at right ...

Major improvements

It was announced long ago and actually was awaited with impatience, automatic update will make life easier for webmasters, especially for a software that evolves as frequently.
The upgrade button is in the "Tools" menu. But when a new version is available, you are prompted to download it and it is installed automatically.
The same applies to plugins that are also installed from the admin panel.

The administration interface now displays last articles published on the blog of the Wordpress site. It is appreciated or not. In the second case just click on "Screen options" in the upper right corner and disable the display of news.

Emergence of a "QuickPress" bloc in the administration interface that allows you to quickly add a new, when it does not require the complete editing interface.

Google Gears is a framework that store locally Web applications, which allows a quicker display between two updates of the content from Internet.
Gears is now part of Wordpress, simply activate it in the "Tools" menu.


Many good ideas that will facilitate the life of the blogger. See also the many extensions available.