What's new in Wordress 2.9?

Version 2.9 of Wordpress fixed many shortcomings. It takes into account requests from bloggers about ergonomics and responds to a poll to see what need to be improved above all (actually the answer is the gallery and image management).


You can choose the images that are included in the gallery or excluded. So far, the [gallery] tag did include all images related to the page, and to remove an image from the gallery we have to replace the attachment by the <img> tag.

The Wordpress image editor

Image editor

The image editor enables the operations of rotation, flipping, scaling and cropping.


The inclusion of video is now done with just the URL, the reader code is automatically generated.
To have this facility, go to Settings -> Media and select oEmbed.

Post thumbnail

A thumbnail can be defined for a post, if the article has been configured for that, and the item will be represented on homepage and in lists with or by the thumbnail.
The theme must adds:
In functions.php: add_theme_support ( 'post-thumbnails');
In single.php: the_post_thumbnail ( 'thumbnail');


It's the end of the return to the top of the page when you save a file from the editors. The pointer remains now where it was in the page. This works in the theme and plugin editors.

Global Undo

The last operation can be canceled even if it is something as important as the deletion of an article.
Thus, the delete command next update is replaced by move to trash.

Import and export

Posts fixed on homepage (sticky posts) are now taken into account by the import and export functions.


The rel=canonical tag is added by Wordpress. Previously that must be done with plugins such as All In One SEO.


They will be displayed the latter at top on option, in a more efficient way.
Metadata added to allow comments now give management options and add functions.


You can easily change the summary (excerpt) automatically generated.


A review in our article on installing Wordpress, Where Wordpress is perfectible, was taken into account. By default, "Make my blog appear in the index of search engines" is checked.
Previously one could deny indexing without even knowing it.

Other functions

Many functions have been added, see the list in the link below. Including:
- Auto repair of the database with the option define('WP_ALLOW_REPAIR', true); in wp-config.php.
- User registration with XMLRPC.
- Help to auto-installation for creators of themes.
- Batch plugin update.