Star Office and the Google Pack

This set of free applications gives an overview of what you will get on a computer with the ChromeOS operating system. It was provided for free by Google between 2007 and 2011.

  1. Picasa.
    Software gallery of images and tool for photos (eg red eyes). Picasa is not intuitive, it requires time to adapt. Animation software as well.
  2. Earth.
    A desktop tool that connect to a online database.
  3. Anti-virus Avast.
    Free tools are sometimes the more efficient.
  4. Google Desktop.
    Information manager, including emails.
  5. Online Google Apps.
    This includes Doc, GMail, Calendar, etc.
  6. Real Player.
    An alternative to Windows Media Player.
  7. Toolbars for IE and Firefox.
  8. Adobe Reader.
    Is it necessary? I configured my system to display the PDF in Chrome and the result is satisfactory. This may be a way to get rid of a software (Reader), which tends to carry viruses.
  9. Skype.
    Use Internet to phone.
  10. Chrome and Firefox.
  11. Star Office which had been added to the Google Pack in August 2007, has been removed in November 2008. It became Open Office and a fork, LibreOffice is very popular.
You can still download freely all these software separatly.