XAML text on a chessboard with Microsoft's colors

XAML Tutorial

XAML is the markup language to design the user interface of Windows 8 modern apps.

The demos in the browser are made with Silverlight, the plugin once created to replace Flash and working in the desktop mode of Windows 8 on Internet Explorer 10.

If the demos does not work, try another browser. They work for me on Chrome and IE9 with the Silverlight 4 plugin (the tutorial was designed on Silverlight 1 and updated).

  1. Description of XAML.
  2. What future for XAML?

Getting started with XAML

  1. First program with expression Blend.
  2. First XAML program.
  3. Syntax of XAML.

Using XAML

  1. Accessing elements and attributes.
  2. Drawing on a Web page.
  3. Using images.
  4. Gradients.

Building components from XAML code

  1. Button.
  2. Bar.


It is only supported on IE 11 and out of browser apps now. Not on the new Edge browser.

  1. Silverlight, web apps in the browser.
  2. Building a project.
  3. Events.
  4. Full screen display.

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