Galaxy S3

What can we do with a smartphone?

There are more smartphones than desktop computers since 2010 and knowing that they have capabilities superior to those of computers 10 years ago, but the screen size, a programmer must consider it as the privileged platform of development , nowadays.

A mobile phone is considered as smart when it can add applications, turning it into a computer, and connect to the Web.
The phone function is incidental to such a device that is a a kind of assistant with multiple capabilities.

We can not list all web applications and all games and even less again the assistants of all kinds, but it is interesting to look at applications specific to mobiles that only work with such a device.

Examples of features

Here are some example of the amazing possibilities of the most sophisticated smartphones.

Spatial moving of text or image between computer and smartphone

Features depend on the operating system

iOS is probably the easiest to use. Google's Android has the advantage of the opening. As webOS it is open source, and unlike the iPhone application store is open to all development technology. Tizen is another Linux-based alternative is has HTML 5 apps like webOS.

The list of all mobile OS and how to program them is given in the article Programming for mobiles.

See also charts comparing sales of smartphones by operating system.