Spamhaus, spam and DDoS

A service to protect sites from receiving mass emails, which did not please everyone.

The Spamhaus site is a Web service that is offered to webmasters using a dedicated server, which provide a black list of IP to blocks because considered as spam sources.

We know what it's like a DDoS attack perpetrator

The Spamhaus site was recently the victim of a denial of service attack, with the intent to discourage users from using the service since overloading its servers also slows sites that wait for the results of their queries. The fact that Spamhaus was targeted suggests that the culprit has an activity related to sending email as Spamhaus IP blocks computers that send mass emails.
The arrest of a Dutch 35 years in Spain April 25, Sven Olaf Kamphuis, confirms this hypothesis. He owns the Cyberpunker hosting service and motivates his action that Spamhaus has not decide who must carry what on the web. In other words, nobody has the right to prevent it from sending mass emails to recipients without their consent!

The name Cyberbunker is not purely virtual. The company has a bunker equipped with servers that offers to all hosting services hidden from authorities. It is the fact that the IP of the site was blacklisted by Spamhaus that has angered SK.

Bunker de cyberbunker avec  photo de Kamphuis

M. Kamphuis and his hidden bunker housing secret servers

SK has also created the Stophaus site that publishes his diatribes against Spamhaus and in favor of a "free web", but this transliteration of political slogans seems clearly to be another publicity stunt from his part to attract users to its services - for money.

See this video of a DDoS attack. It is the display of a security software on the server of VideoLAN (which provides for free VLC), that shows all the requests and highlights the attack. Once highlighted the common user agent, even if the IP addresses are different, the attack has been neutralized.

April 27, 2013.