Installing the Scriptol to Wasm Compiler

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Installing under Windows

1) Extract the zip archive inside a directory, for example.

This can be achieved by several free tools, ZipCentral, or 7-zip, or Advanced Explorer, for example.
Under Windows: run the install batch file.
Under Linux: run the setup script.
(See the README and CONTENT filed for details.)

2) Make the solc compiler accessible
either by moving it into the php directory or by adding the Scriptol directory to the path. See at the section on the Scriptol to php compiler.

3) Install Emscriptem
If no C++ compiler is installed, your scriptol program will be compiled to C++, but not as executable.
On Windows, CLang requires the installation of Visual Studio. It is also necessary to install from this one the components to use C++ in command line.

4) Using the compiler
First, compile the program, just give for argument the name of the file containing the "main" function or the name of the main file for a script.

./solc hello               ... compile