Installing the Scriptol to C++ Compiler

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Installing under Windows

1) Extract the zip archive inside a directory, for example.

This can be achieved by several free tools, ZipCentral, or 7-zip, or Advanced Explorer, for example.
Under Windows: run the install batch file.
Under Linux: run the setup script.
(See the README and CONTENT filed for details.)

2) Make the solc compiler accessible
either by moving it into the php directory or by adding the Scriptol directory to the path. See at the section on the Scriptol to Php compiler.

3) Install a C++ compiler
If no C++ compiler is installed, your scriptol program will be compiled to C++, but not as executable.

You have to copy or solc.bcc or solc.gss over solc.ini according to the C++ compiler you are using.

4) Move Scriptol libraries
If you want to compile Scriptol source in another directory, and not inside the scriptol directory, you must install Scriptol with this command (providing the name of the directory is "scriptolc":

install c:\scriptolc
Under Unix or Linux, the command is, for example:
./setup  /home/me/scriptolc

5) Using the compiler
First, compile the program, just give for argument the name of the file containing the "main" function or the name of the main file for a script.

solc -be hellocpp               ... compile
hellocpp                        ... execute

Installing MingW

Download and install the MingW C++ compiler. An installer is provided.
Add the path of the compiler to the PATH variable.
This variable must be set also:

SET GCC_EXEC_PREFIX=c:\gcc\lib\gcc-lib\
Verify the compiler is installed, from the Scriptol directory, type:
g++ -v

Copy solc.gcc over solc.ini.

Installing Visual C++

If you don't own the Microsoft's compiler, a free version is available along with the .Net SDK or on the demo CD of Visual Studio. See at Microsoft.
You have to define the environment variables:

set PATH="%PATH%";"c:\vc7\BIN"
set LIB=c:\vc7\LIB;c:\vc7\ATLMFC\LIB

Copy over solc.ini.

Installing Scriptol under Linux

1) Extract the archive inside your personal directory:

tar -zxvf scriptol-cpp.tar.gz
The scriptolc directory is created.

2) Enter the directory:

cd scriptolc

3) Enter super-user mode (give the password):


4) Install the libraries and include files:

Header files are installed into /usr/include/scriptol.
Libraries are installed into: /usr/lib/scriptol

A syntax highlighter for Kate is also installed inside the .kde sub-directory.
This directory must stay in the root of your personal directory.

You can change all the paths providing the solc.ini or any xxx.cfg, configuration files, accordingly the path you have choosen.