Description of the Scriptol programming language

Scriptol is a modern programming language, designed to be simple and easy to learn, allowing new users ready to program in some hours. The programming time is largely decreased.
Scriptol is object-oriented, xml-oriented, extensible, universal, uses PHP libraries or Node.js modules. It is universal, that means it is convenient for scripting, to build applications or to make dynamic web pages.
A free scriptol compiler is available for Windows and Unix.
The version 3 of the language compiled to JavaScript and working on Node.js is ideally suited for the programming and training of android robots, and representation of virtual worlds.

Features of Scriptol

Scriptol is :

Why use Scriptol?

Mainly for:

How to use Scriptol

You may open the console and type solj or solp or solc to view the options.

Scriptol in command line
Using scriptol in a console

You can also configure a code editor to launch scriptol programs.

Choices of Scriptol that have been replicated in newer languages

Many innovations or choices of Scriptol has been taken over by newer languages​​, which so help to ease programming.


The Scriptol to C++ compiler is under the Mozilla 1.1 licence.
The interpreter and compilers provided on and are free even for building commercial programs. Anyone may write a compiler for the langage.

The creator of Scriptol: Denis G. Sureau.