License of the Scriptol programming language.

The langage is free to use and implement providing it is rightly attributed to its author, Denis Sureau.

Scriptol Language License

 This licence applies to the Scriptol Programming language. It must be distinguished of the licence of the Sol compilers (solp, solc, etc...), or any other compiler implementing the language.

Using the Scriptol language

 The language is free and public, that means anyone is authorized to use it to write programs, and programs written in this language are the property of their authors.
 The language is Copyrighted by Denis Sureau and protected by rights of authors. The definition of the language has been registered at I.N.P.I under number #114223, October 12, 2001.

Implementing the Scriptol language

 Anyone is granted the permission to write a compiler or interpreter that implements the Scriptol language. Anyone is authorized to distribute a such compiler or interpreter providing that the compatibility with the language is assured and it is pure Scriptol. But it is allowed to implement a subset of the language for the sole case of targeting a device with limited capabilities.
 No any restriction applies for a private port of the language, used only inside an enterprise or corporation.
 It is granted the right for an author or a community to make a public open-source compiler or interpreter for the Scriptol language, providing that the rule of compatibility is applied.

by Denis Sureau October 22, 2001 

© 2001-2012 Denis Sureau