Modular programming with scriptets

A scriptet is the higher level in modular programming. A scriptet may be included directly into a program and its data may be shared between several programs.

What is a scriptet?

Scriptet means for "script in a net", this is another innovative feature of the Scriptol programming language.
A scriptet is a standalone program that can be used also by another program.
A set of scriptets may share their resources: the code and the data.
In a network of scriptets, you can run any program, each one has a main function and each one may have a different kind of processing on same data.

Why use scriptets?

Scriptet are useful for:

How to make scriptets?

There is nothing special to do.
You have just to include each program into other ones with the "include" statement, as usually.
The compiler keeps only the "main" fonction of the file given at compile command, it disables others.