Scriptol 2

Changes to the scriptol programming language in version 2 of 2014.

Reactive programming is added to the language. You can define variables of type react whose value changes automatically depending on other variables.

The keyword dyn is replaced by var, which is used by JavaScript and other languages​​.

# Becomes the comment code for copyright and replaces `.
If you want a program to work on both versions, use only // or /* */.

The constant keyword is replaced by const.

A literal array is declared with [] and not () or {}. An associative array is always declared by {}. This corresponds to the format of JavaScript, PHP since 5.4 and other languages.
You can also create an array with the constructor array() and it works in both versions of the language.

Control structure scan by is deprecated and replaced by the map method of array or by a for loop with key and value.

The dir type is deprecated. A new type appears, react.

The keyword super is added to call the constructor of the superclass.

Many new functions have been added that are now described in the manual.

The define statement is now useless to pass a function as an argument. It is passed directly by its name.

Inserting XML code into the source is now different. Previously XML code was written in light form, without square brackets and specific DOM functions were used to access the content.
Now the code is written in the classical XML form and is converted in the target language into an associative array. Dict methods provide access to content. You can now also convert a dict to XML with a new method of dict.

Calling Java classes is no longer part of the language and is left to external libraries.

A literal integer can be specified in binary form as 0b0101 or 0B0101.

Conditional assignement is deprecated.