Cryonie theme : The FAQ

How do I change the theme for it to suit myr needs...

How can I get more categories displayed?

The size of the navigation bar limits the number of category. There are two solutions ...

  1. Move the page links in the side panel and increase the number of categories. For example for 12 categories, change the value of the parameter number:
    <?php wp_list_categories('title_li=&sort_column=name&hierarchical=0&number=12') ?>
  2. Position the categories in the side panel:
    <li class="widget">Categories
          <?php wp_list_categories('title_li=&sort_column=name&hierarchical=1')?>
    The limit is removed and the hierarchical view is restored.

How to have a fixed width

If you prefer a fixed width to a flexible width, it is easy to configure. Assign the same value to min-width and max-width in the body rule, or replace them by a width property. Replace for example:



width: 1200px;

Adding or removing comment feed in metas

The functions.php file holds a command to control the generation of comments and post comments feeds.


The argument true adds them and false removes them.

What elements should be retained to optimize the site

There is a choice between access and SEO, between visitors and search engines. It is a dilemma. For visitors, we must maintain a maximum of components to facilitate access to content. But to better convey the PageRank between pages, we have to reduce the number of links.

It is recommended to remove:

From SEO, you could also remove the tag cloud, links on the preceding and following pages, all the links on pages where the topic is different.

How to translate the theme

You can directly translate the terms in the source code. On this occasion, you should delete functions of the form:


et replace them directly by the word or sentence. You can also use the translation mecanisms of Wordpress.

How to change the banner

The banner at the top of the page relies on two CSS selectors:

The header background:


A picture behind the name of the site:

background-image: url(sea.jpg); background-repeat:no-repeat;

This picture could also include the logo or name of the site.

If you want to use the shaded image rather than the expanded image, use topback.gif to the background of the header and wisland.jpg for the image.

Making an expanded banner is very simple, it consists of an 76 pixels high image, and we cut a 1 pixel wide image at the right that is used as the header background.

To make a shaded banner, it is more complex, see how to change the graphics of the cryonics theme.

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