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Colorization algorithm,  the bridge

The interest of  algorithms is gaining in importance: optimizing the use of resources is more and more essential on new platforms, and applications are becoming more varied, see the amazing graphic algorithmes for example.
Source code of algorithms are available in Scriptol, PHP, C++, JavaScript, Java.

Defining exactly the word "Algorithm" is no so easy.

Algorithms may be classified by nature, by purpose, by complexity, and so ones...

Amazing graphic algorithms to enhance or transform pictures.
Save days of works by automatically apply transformations.

List of all the algorithms
More than 300 algorithms in any domain.


A history of languages that shows new features first appeared with each language, and thanks to a comparison table and cards on the most popular languages, the ability to compare them according to features, syntax, with lot of examples of code. A comparison of popular programming language and a description of each of them.

Go programming language

Alphabetical list of programming languages
All languages with a compiler or an interpreter, and historical languages.

The list by dates
Chronology of computer languages, from 1946 to today.

Seletion of the most popular languages
How to choose a language according to your projects.

List of features of programming languages
All attributes they can have and the date of first implementation by a language.

Quotes about programming languages.

Which programming language for WebAssembly?
How to choose to generate a portable wasm program that can be used on any device.

Topic The design of programming languages
How are designed the new programming languages. Successes and failures.

Programming and data languages ALGOL 68 - Asm.js - AspectJ - Basic - C - CIL - C++ - C# - Dart - Eiffel - Go - Java - JavaScript - JavaFX Script - Julia - Pascal - PHP - Prolog - Python - QML - Rexx - Ruby - Rust - Scala - Scriptol - Swift - Tcl - TypeScript - HTML - Wasm - XML - XAML - XUL - SQL

Algorithms in any language

Hello world program in 200 programming languages
The simplest possible program in any languages.

Fibonacci's serie
The algorithm written in the most popular programming languages.

Sieve of Eratosthenes
The true algorithm. Compute prime number in any language


For all plateforms, desktop, browser, mobiles, tTechnologies are being developed:  frameworks, development tools, interfaces ...

Programming technologies and platforms Ajax - API - CLI - Cookie - Cover Flow - Dalvik - HTTP code - JavaFX - JNA - JSON - LLVM - Modern UI - MySQL - NaCl - .NET - NoSQL - Protocol Buffers - PWA - Qt - REST - Web 2.0 - WebGL - Webkit - WinRT - WYSIWYG

Evolution and history

History and evolution of computer languages
Various concepts and designs for a programming language, features bring with each new language.
Authorized translations: Français.

History of algorithmics
The first algorithms was written by the ancients, that of Euclid and Eratosthenes are still used.

Origin of programming languages names
The source of the Python name is not a snake and Java does not come from a dance.

History of computers.

Popularity of programming languages - Script.