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How to create a playlist of videos locally?
Two free software do most of the work of creation and presentation.

How to block the reader button in Safari 5.
Webmasters should not be a victim of the war between Apple and Google.

How to sync Gmail with his mobile?
Software robots are now coming to recognize captchas placed in the registration dialog to block. However, a new technique was found by a blogger to counter the spammers: 3D images as captchas, effective to block bots.

How to locate somebody with his mobile?

Create a password that is safe? (External link)
A study was made ​​by the site Baekdal which concludes that there are two ways for a password to be really safe, that it takes years for software to test all combinations.
- Use at least six random characters. For example: koeirujd.
- If you want to use words, it takes at least three. For example: sun earth pluto.
A password of a single word can be thwarted within minutes.

How to find the country for an IP?

How to skip the introduction of a Youtube video?

How to get a thumbnail of a webpage?

PHP: How to parse a URL and get parameters from a form.

PHP: How to get the HTTP status code of a Web page?
An essentiel issue when writing a script for the Web.

How to create thumbnails and galleries of images for your Web pages
Three steps tutorial with source code and demos.

How to write successfully for the Web
Secrets from an expert.

Adding a Google Map to a page
If you want, for example, publicize the address of your office, the location of some monument on a page, it is very easy to accomplish with Google Map and some free tools to make a screen shoot, to add a tooltip...

How to redirect visitors to a new page or a new domain.

Installing Linux with Windows.

Not have its domain name stolen, or how to recover it.

Use GitHub with Windows. Share your project to get contributions.

Upload your Web pages on Sourceforge. (Or another source code repository.)

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