About the Scriptol programming language

History of the language and motivation for its design.

The Scriptol language is designed to make computers programming easier, pleasant with less risk of errors through a more intuitive syntax

New languages ​​should integrate new concepts to make programming easier and safer.


Scriptol was designed in 2001 as a front-end to PHP 4.0, a language which was pre-installed on all website hosting. He brought many benefits that PHP did not have, like classes and a for each loop on arrays, type checking at compile time.

What Scriptol was to PHP is what languages like Dart and TypeScript are for the JavaScript language in 2015.

A Scriptol-PHP compiler was added in 2001 because I though binary executables from the same scripts could be nice.

Later, I also wrote a Scriptol interpreter, just for fun, it was not intended to become a popular tool.

Scriptol 2

In 2015, interpreters are totally overwhelmed: they are slow and an impressive library of functions would be writen to make them really useful. A better approach is to compile the language to LLVM bytecode or .NET or Java. The use is similar and the problem of functions is solved.

But more interesting again is compilation to JavaScript or Asm.js. We get an execution speeds close to that of native programs work with the benefit to run on browsers or servers and all operating systemsl. Again the library is already available.

In 2014, I made a Scriptol JavaScript compiler. It not only provide a limitless portability to your programs, but also allows to develop new forms of programming: reactive, goal oriented, that make it even easier to use.

This is a new version of the language, partly compatible, better adapted to the new backend. See the Scriptol 2014 and Scriptol 2001.

Only compilers in JavaScript and PHP support this new version.

The online book if for the 2001 version and thus for Scriptol C++, the Scriptol 1 manual too.

The manual of the version 2 is the current reference.

Scriptol 3

Version 3 implements additional functions for creating JavaScript code, without other language changes.
These functions, reactive and goal programming are difficult to achieve in PHP and C++ and have not been implemented for compilation in these languages.

License of the language.