Diagnosis of a Website design for search engines

Make a diagnosis of your site from the point of view of search engines: a good score of optimization facilitates access to top positions in the results. The script uses the Anaa Ajax framework, specially the dialogue function, to display the results instantly, at bottom of the page.

The questions are tests: when a question is posed, you do not presume it corresponds to the correct rule, in fact some of the questions reflect the rule to follow and other something to avoid. To find the right rules, read the tutorial to make a site search engine friendly.

The site

It is indexed in most popular directories

The IP of the server (or the site in GWT) is geolocated in a country in the same language as the site

Filenames are significant and contain keywords
or on the contrary, they are numbers

Structure of the page

The content of the <title> tag is incentive

The same title is repeated on every page

The meta description is present in the head section when the page has little text

A H1 tag contains an incentive title

Some H2 tags in a long page divide it into sections
They contain keywords corresponding to the content of the section

The page contains several paragraphs of text
Or it contains only an image or video

The <img> tags of images have an alt attribute that describes the image

The layout is defined by a style sheet or by a table


Keywords for the page can be found in the <title> tag

The essential keywords are present in the H1 tag

Inside the body of the text, important words are highlighted with a <strong> tag or a <b> tag


The texts contain links to other pages on the site

Keywords of target pages are contained in the anchor of the links

The page contains external links to other relevant sites
On other friends sites even irrelevant

Links have the nofollow attribute

Internal links are dynamic in JavaScript


The page has a backlink from an important site
and from a page containing a single or few external links

The site is registered to a quantity of directories

The site exchanges links with other sites and put them on all pages


The page contains words hidden by a white text on a white background or by CSS

The page contains a list of keywords at bottom

Some pages have been created to contain links to the page