Where Wordpress is perfectible ...

Yet over time, many defects have been corrected. For example, version 2.7 has made great progress with a new administration interface much more convenient. In addition the automatic update is also a significant new feature, almost unique among CMS.
Nevertheless Wordpress has still major shortcomings mostly dependent of decisions that are taken, and we wondered who decides and how decisions are made.

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What we are speaking here of disadvantages resulting from choices made and not from development (such as import and export limited in size for example).

Revisions enabled by default

For 99% of users, keeping modified versions of each posts is totally useless and saturates the database. Wordpress is a blogging software normally! Not only revisions are enabled by default, but you must modify the code to disable them! And delete revisions is not easy, see the how to.
It is disappointing that when the software corrects its drawbacks, each new version bring new ones!

The private mode by default

By default, Wordpress bans the site to search engines! Thus you have to put content online, to be viewed by the whole world, but if you do not check the appropriate box, it will be inaccessible to Net surfers!
Another default value that seems inappropriate is the picture gallery, which is actually a gallery of pages but if you think to check the box for the thumbnails linked to larger images, as it seems natural for a gallery.
The choice of defaults in Wordpress seems to ignore the common use of a website.

Update 2012: This defect is now fixed.

Login to the administration panel

Normally, when we use a CMS, most of the time is spent in editing, and the rest to the site management. When you connect, it is usually to add an article or change one.
Nevertheless the connection to Wordpress leads you directly to the admin panel, which requires you to retrieve the post you wanted to edit.
Drupal at least has this advantage that it has a direct connection to an article and in fact, even the most basic CMS such as fluxBB offers this possibility.

URL in digits

Why not define pretty URLs (and not redirected) by default rather than a suit of symbols and digits? There are only advantages to this. This problem is common to most CMS.

Articles glued to other words (mainly in foreign languages)

The URL is not intended for human readers, the anchor is there for that. Gluing articles as in "leurope" for "l'Europe" is not the solution, a series of keywords should be preferable (and not in the title).

Themes provided by default

These themes have all the qualities: they are ugly, not customizable and they ignore all the principles of SEO (see the article Wordpress and optimization for search engines). In addition they are presented as models that should guide users to build their own theme!


Recently the development team did a survey on what should be developed in the next version of Wordpress. A broad consensus has emerged (these was for a more sophisticated gallery). Such an initiative would benefit from being generalized...