CMS popularity

Comparison of the popularity of content management systems. The ranking is based on the traffic of the site as provided by Alexa. It could not reflect the number of users of the CMS. The last update was on March 11, 2013.

Main types of CMS:

An so specialized content management systems and frameworks are also ranked. All CMS are written in PHP and MySQL but the short list of Java software.
The number beside the name is the Alexa rank on the Web as of May 2009.

Portals and blogs

Wordpress PHP logo Joomla PHP logo Drupal PHP logo

Blogs and news servers are included in this list along with tools to manage a classical or eCommerce site.

  1. Wordpress 98
    Blog manager, the easiest to use.
  2. Joomla! 373
    A rigid CMS but with all the essential functions.
  3. Drupal 526
    Designed for professional webmasters, features extensive configuration.
  4. Typo3 5 300
  5. PHP-Nuke 7300. Falling.
  6. MODx 11 300
    Modular, has function to import HTML pages of a static site.
  7. PHPList 13 000
    News server.
  8. CMS Made Simple 18 000
    Easy to use but with limitations.
  9. Spip 20 000
    CMS for portals made of templates.
  10. SilverStripe 21 500
    Based on the Sapphire framework, it had the advantages of both Wordpress and Drupal. Certified by Microsoft.
  11. b2evolution 33 000. Falling.
    Blog and more.
  12. Textpattern 35 000
  13. Xoops 38 000. Falling.
  14. e107 40 000
    Similar to Joomla.


PHPBB logo Mediawiki logo

These are forums, Digg-like and wikis.

  1. vBulletin 4200
    Commercial CMS for building a forum.
  2. SMF 4 500
  3. phpBB 5 400
  4. MediaWiki 7 800
  5. Pligg 10 000
  6. Geeklog 88 000. Falling.
  7. Freeglobes 104 000. Falling.
  8. FluxBB 107 000. Falling.
  9. Nucleus CMS 127 000. Down sharply.
  10. Phorum 165 000. Down sharply.
    Easy to configure.
  11. SNews 188 000. Down sharply.
    Extensive blogging and public domain.

Images, videos and ecommerce CMS

Magento PHP logo Prestashop PHP logo

Usable as main site or added to a site. Magento and Prestashop grew great popularity.

  1. Magento. 870.
    e-shop manager.
  2. Prestashop 1100.
    e-shop manager.
  3. Elgg 13 000
    Social network.
  4. Coppermine 33 500. Falling.
    Image gallery.
  5. PHPMotion 44000. Falling.
    Video sharing.
  6. eGroupWare 105 000. Falling.

CMS written in Java

Java Magnolia logo
  1. Magnolia. 100 000.
  2. Open CMS. 156 000. Falling.
  3. Cocoon.
    Framework by Apache.

Reviews of CMS

What users think of their content management system? It is important to know their opinion at time of the choice of a software, which commits you to the life of the site!

Where Wordpress is perfectible. (On this site)

The problem is/was the Wordpress default. The defaults are chosen to show all the work of developers (admittedly excellent), but not to make life easier for the webmaster. The choice of revisions is a good example. (Article on

Drupal sucks

This review clearly shows that Drupal is not for the end user, but a tool used by a professional webmaster who must adapt it to customer sites. There will always be this ambiguity with Drupal. But what does not suffer discussion is that this is not a program on which we can quietl rely to manage the site when focused on content. See also Wordpress vs. Drupal.

Why Joomla sucks

The article confirms the major defects of Joomla, as expressed in the presentation of Joomla on this site : This CMS is too rigid and suffers from a lack of documentation.

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