New computer technologies

New media appear with graphics capabilities and processing power similar to those of a computer.
In fact, a current mobile is more powerful than a computer ten years ago.

Webmasters and programmers may have to turn now to this new hardware, and produce services or applications to a new audience. Many already do.

Intel NUC: a desktop in the pocket

The D54250WYKH model corrects all flaws of its predecessors while still retaining the tiny size... Comparison with the new 5i5RYH with a Broadwell i5 processor.

The nano PC, an experiment

A Zotac Zbox or Intel NUC can they replace a desktop computer?

Smart watch: Apple is late

What can be the use? Will it be the first major setback for Apple in a decade?

3D printer

It reduces the manufacturing cost up to 97% and can be used at home for DIY, decorating or making utensils of daily life.

Cloud computing

This is the future Google wants to us.

Android and Nexus One

An operating system for mobiles and netbooks, and the video of the mobile phone from Google.

Tablet PC

They are both smartphone, computer when a keyboard is connected, and electronic book reader. Apple's iPad has launched the movement which already seems to get a lot of interest to companies who see it as a perfect means of communication.

What will be the computer of the future?

You already have it in the hand. Inserted into a dock it connects to many devices just as a computer.

e-Book reader or Tablet PC?

Should we buy an e-Book beside a tablet?

Augmented reality

Beyond Internet and its hyperlinks, a new mode of communication much more convenient is growing: it superimposes data in text or images on the page, which can be a real view taken by the camera of a mobile.

New computer protocols

To connect computers, peripherals and the network, new performing protocols are emerging.

Virtual assistant

It assists the user in his daily tasks.

New computer interfaces

How computer will soon be driven.

Open source camera

Another object to program.

Gamification of the workspace

Making fun at work may become the future.