The next computer

New devices appear with graphics capabilities and processing power similar to those of a computer.
In fact, a current mobile is more powerful than was a computer ten years ago.

Programmers may have to turn now to this new hardware, and produce services or applications to a new audience. Many already did it.

Intel NUC: a desktop in the pocket

The D54250WYKH model corrects all flaws of its predecessors while still retaining the tiny size... Comparison with the new 5i5RYH with a Broadwell i5 processor.

The nano PC, an experiment

A Zotac Zbox or Intel NUC can they replace a desktop computer?

What will be the computer of the future?

You already have it in the hand. Inserted into a dock it connects to many devices just as a computer.

Android and Nexus One

An operating system for mobiles and netbooks, and the video of the mobile phone from Google.