Best extensions for Chrome

Selection of extensions operating in particular - and not always exclusively - on the browser chrome.

Docs online viewer

Transforms the browser into a document viewer. Allows you to load almost any format by taking advantage of the Google API Doc.

Personal Blocklist

Prevents some sites included in the results of the search engine Google, at the discretion of the user. Sites with popup advertising pages in overcrowded farms, content pages in the background and may disappear from the landscape.
We can then edit the list of blocked sites.
This is now also a feature of the search engine (for registered users) so the extension is no longer useful.

Page One

When an article is split into multiple pages (typically to increase advertising displays), this extension brings the content into a single page.


To display on the desktop accelerated pages made for mobile. These AMP pages are faster to load and display.


To make a demo video of a software. Records the running of the application when it works in Chrome.


A similar extension but more precise, it is able to block a part of the content such as iframe that are a threat for security.


Featuring a character recognition program, this extension allows you to make a selection of text from an image (whose content is a text, such as a photocopy of document) and copy it as a string of characters in a text editor! Demo on the home page of the extension.
By clicking the right mouse button on the image one has a menu with many options, including "Internet Meme" for difficult to read fonts.
The script is based on Ocrad.js, an OCR (Optical Caractère Recognition) system written in JavaScript.


Display data about the pages you visit: PageRank, number of backlinks, Alexa rank of the site, etc...

Office viewer

The browser allows you to read PDF files, and with this extension, we add different formats from microsoft: the Word, Excel, Powerpoint. It's a heavy download because Native Client is included in the archive. For the compatibility and quality rendering, saying it is in constant progress.