15 Examples of RSS applications

The main use of a feed RSS is to promote the contents of a site by making known a list of recent or selected articles.
But many other applications were found for this standard format of syndication because it is quite practical to disseminate information. And let us recall it, with the Ara editor, creating and publishing a feed is henceforth very easy.
RSS feeds can be displayed with a aggregator, or on a Web page with the scripts provided on scriptol.com.

1) Promotion of Web site

The file is published on the site what makes it possible to the visitors to subscribe, or on directories, or registered in RSS search engines.
In addition, the sites of news like Wikio, can select your articles once you have registered your RSS feed.

2) Announcements and news

According to the topic, all that make a list and which evolves in time can be diffused in the form of feed: new commercial products, nominations, and any announcements...

3) Want ads

In the domain of sales, real estate, sales between individuals, RSS is a perfect media to propose continuously the last offers to you.

4) Software

The list of changes from version to versions of a software can be published in a feed and be included both in the archive of the software or be displayed on the site.
In the same way, reports of bugs and the fixes can be diffused by this way.

5) Technological and legislative survey

Markets public, legislation, etc, if one needs to be informed of a professional topicality, to be registered with an institutional or commercial feed is the way.

6) Weather

To be informed of the climate to come or in another region by subscribing to a feed, it is what the RSS Weather site proposes to you.

7) Questions to the Master

You can post questions to Yahoo Answers, and request an RSS feed, and you will receive with time the answers which will come.

8) Leisures

Site dedicated to cinema informs you of newly released films. In the same way, you can know programs of television. That can extend to concerts, theaters, demonstrations in an region, publications of books, etc.

9) Exchanges and purchases

The e-bay site makes it possible to know good bargains by this way. The video and audio sharing sites offer also a list of last arrivals.

In each professional field, particular applications can be found!

10) Education

List of examinations and contest. Results. Report cards.

11) Finance

Last stock exchange prices, list of exchange rates.

12) Trade

Customer orders, followed returns to the after-sales service.

13) Restoration

A restaurant can present its menus in RSS, on its own site or linked by specialized sites.

RSS is largely used by the sites of social networking.

14) Semantic Web

Social networking is interested as much in the sources of information as to information itself. This why the RSS RDF 1.0 format in particular adds the meta-information used by search engines of blogs. Their contents are called the semantic Web.
The social and sharing websites like Facebook, MySpace, etc, benefit from RSS files of the blogs to support the relations between registered bloggers. For example, people of the same area can find neighbors thanks to the data contained in the RSS RDF files.

15) Statistics

RSS files are also treated statistically to determine the tendencies of the Web.


As it is seen, there are no limits to that can be made with an RSS file, to disseminate information or simply to re-use it in different contexts.
Nothing impeach you to find a new application to it and thus to benefit from the tools designed around this format.

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