Common Reader problem

2010-01-26 10:58:41


I'm not a techy but I am wanting to put the wordpress rss feed [http etc www dot integracommunications dot co dot uk/Newsroom/category/client-news/feed] into my main website using [commonlib dot php] but it registers empty. Interestingly when I run the [common-choice dot php] demo with this feed on my isp server it also shows empty but when I run it on the Scriptol server demo it does work. I guess there is a setting or command on the scriptol server perhaps in htaccess(?) which isn't in mine. The script on my main website works with a xml extension file feed (eg [http etc www dot xul dot fr/rss dot xml]) but I can't see how to get this format from wordpress for my feed. Any suggestions?
2010-01-26 12:02:40


Hello, some checking may be necessary... Try this code:
<?php phpinfo(); ?>
The version displayed must be 5.0 at least and preferably 5.2. And the extensions must be .php.
2010-01-26 13:38:42


So far so good PHP Version 5.2.11 all the files involved have php extensions except of course the feed This is the code for the feed in my index.php file
	$url = "http etc www dot integracommunications dot co dot uk/Newsroom/category/client-news/feed";
	echo Common_Display($url, 10, false, false, true);
This is the error message
http etc www dot integracommunications dot co dot uk/Newsroom/category/client-news/feed empty...
If you put the feed address in http etc www dot scriptol dot com/rss/common-choice dot php it works If you put it in http etc www dot integracommunications dot co dot uk/common-choice dot php it doesn't If you want to see the whole of the php info I have set this up at http etc www dot integracommunications dot co dot uk/phpinfo dot php It would be nice to be able to put urls in here now! Look forward to your thoughts
2010-01-27 10:25:20


I've got to the bottom of the problem - but not the solution! My service provider has a firewall which stops one part of a site receiving feeds from another to stop loopback issues. This is why the module isn't working. I'll have to think how to set things up differently Thanks