How to limit the description size in RSS feed?

2010-09-09 23:59:41


Is there a way to limit the number of characters or words that will be shown by rsslib? Even better if it would put a "..." at the end of the description that is shown if it would need to cut if off. Jeremy
2010-09-10 11:32:40


In RSS_Tags After:
$description = $tnl->firstChild->textContent;
you can add:
$description = substr($description, 0, 150)."...";
Replace 150 by the size you want. This could be improved by a regular expression to break the text after a dot. I'll try to retrieve the code I have already somewhere.
2010-09-10 16:41:35


Thanks for the help. It worked out great.


I've been using your lib for business purpose, could you please give me the permission to modify it? I need to add a function like this:
function shortstring ($var, $len)
    if (strlen ($var) < $len)
        return $var;
    if (preg_match ("/(.{1,$len})\s/", $var, $match)) 
        return $match [1] . "..";
        return substr ($var, 0, $len) . "..";
into rsslib.php in order to shorten the description, and I will modify the RSS_Display() like below.
if ($description != false)
  $shortdesc = shortstring($description, 30);
  $page .= "$shortdesc";
I'll try to find another way if my permission won't be granted. With regards, Duc.


Hello, Yes, this improves the quality of the display and I should have used a similar formula to do it. Of course, you can change the code. Best regards, D. Sureau.